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Don't Let Tonight
by David Crow

Sitting here alone again is fine tonight
I covered up the windows to block out all the light
In the darkness I don't have to see it when I bleed
Silence is my best friend, she pays attention to no one
No one but me
And the fight goes on
Inside my head
Why is it me?
Why am I the one that wants to end up dead?
The images play through my mind
Of the times when life was fine
Before everything went wrong
Things turned out this way because of me
And how stupid I could be
To think that anyone around could love me

Oh, sweet child, you're a precious one
Your life has only just begun
Don't give up on things quite yet
There's more to life than what meets your eye
Let the hatred pass you by
Don't give up on things quite yet

Don't let tonight be the end
Don't listen to lies that bring you down my friend
Don't give up on things quite yet

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room