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Spinning Quickly to Nowhere
by Josh Berardi

I guess I was just too scared inside, to confused to take the second to give you a positive action
Im too confused to say anything about this yet I already have
Shall I even say more - Dig deeper into this
What comes of these things - Worthless thoughts and feelings or unsurpassable measures of joy and excitement
But does it leave quickly as mine did before, or does it renew itself like re-incarnate
I just do not understand these things if there is anything to understand at all
I almost gave my things up for you, walked away like Matthew
Why would I feel to do this what do you have that I want
I just wish it to be a year from now then possibly it would be all over
Nothing left to think about, secure again in what I feel.
Sometimes I want to wisk one up and move on in life
I would try but for the life of me which way is ahead
come to think of it, does any of this even matter?

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room