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I Was Torn
by Josh Berardi

Wage this war for me
Unpredictable outcome
Lost in desire?
Cover my tracks and change my paths
Drive me to the place
The secret where all is reviled
Joy and compassion without fault
Salty was it to be
But fruit it bared for me
Pain is the mirage I saw from the feeling I had
Why did it come?
Why doesn’t it change?
Just keep me from it
It looses me
Bless me upon this head
Anoint for this moment and change within
Failure I shall not want
Confusion will not take hold
Broken is the bond between me and my FLESH
Forgive me for denying you (flesh)
But it is time for me to flee
I have been with you (flesh) too long and time needs to clear this life up
Goodbye to you old friend (flesh)
I had enough of acting like I like you (flesh)
Die unto me and ill show you (flesh) freedom
I laugh at your (fleshes)hold
Weak you (flesh) are
Tightly weak
Gasping I am, you (flesh) are weak
Strongarm against you (flesh)
My strength shall preavail under circumstances
I look to you (YHWH)
Up high above my thoughts
Above my wisdom I seek what it is
Saved I am by unsurpassing love
Greatness and holy
Precious and pure
Bless you Father

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room