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Weary Traveler
By Tim Bearden

Walking through the streets of downtown Denver all alone
I notice the sidewalks paved in brick and the streets in stone
People approaching me asking for a minute of my time
But my reply to that is the same old line
I'm in a hurry or I have somewhere to be
Then their sullen faces burn into my memory
If I weren't in college I wouldn't care
But nowadays I don't have a dime to spare

Sitting at the bar and I'll I'm drinking is coke
Every now and then I crack a joke
But not a single person hears
They all concentrate on their beers
Drowning their sorrows and talking away
But no one is listening to what they have to say
It's OK because it seems they just like to talk
As for me I need to go for a walk

I take a taxi back the the station
The driver and I are carrying a conversation
People with wasted emotion give him stress
All I can say is just digress
Think about the things you love
Life your wife, kids, or the Man above
Because unlike your money they can't have your mind
And to that he says thanks for being kind

I'm waiting for a train that is going nowhere
It always goes to the same  place, but never stays there
People always come and go
Where they are going to I don't know
They tell stories about what they've seen and done
Some people seem like they're always on the run
But my opinion isn't what they want to hear
So they sit in the car and have another beer

If there were a word for loneliness it would be travel
Lofe then always seems to unravel
No matter who you're with you're always alone
Because everyone just wants to get home
Everyone talks, but no one seems to listen
When they reach their stop their faces glisten
And the next trip is waiting for anyone looking to escape life
Just to get away from the worries and all of the days strife

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room