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In Quiet Constraints
by Josh Berardi

In my own quietness
I'm grasping from a desire
In contact my soul is soothed
The tightening inside I desire
Yet clueless to what it is
I feel to want again
But shall I dare enter
The exciting unknown?
Did I fall for the adornment?
Or was this spirit of good?
Questions I dare to ask
Questions I fear an answer
Questions I want to know
Questions where do I go?
One I already have and two I do not need
Which desire will I choose
And which will flee (from me)
I want my longing to feel this way
I need the truth to stand in my way
Open me up to what you need
My desires, take them
My desires, see them
My desires, use them
My desires, be them

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room