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 by Christy Schlich

How old is the time that one would go to extremes to find the one purpose that holds their destiny?
Is there a place where one can go to escape the mystery that often drives them to insanity?
Will there be a day when all is displayed and there will no longer be a question?
Will there come a day when the drive for perfection will cease?
How long must I wait or must I wait at all?
Before I lose my vision.

Can I overcome myself or will the drive take me to where I want to go?
I will endure till the end simply because I have no fear of losing because I have endured much loss and can see the light that comes in the end.
All I ask is that I never become the thing that will destroy me.
Do I dare to even enquire after this?

In spite of the uncertainties, I must go on.
There is no place to stop.
If time continues, so must I.
I can rest assured that my foundation is solid and will remain till the end.
So the journey continues….

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room