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Inspired by Friends

Is your broken heart worth all the joy of love
When you put in all you've got and she runs away
When her sweet memory is all your thinking of
I swear, these high school games don't end when you graduate

So write a thousand words
Trying to tell her
Exactly what she means to you
So dream a thousand dreams
Of happier more beautiful things
But you can't cause there's only her

Watch the boys chase the beautiful girls
To fall in love, to get a broken heart
And the girls all run away
Like we're on a playground in the second grade
And tonight he won't be fine
Cause he knows he's the only one who'll treat her like she deserves

So if she comes running back to you
And this awkarward conversation leaves you nothing but confused
And love seems more complicated then fun
But they never tell us that until what's done is done

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room