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By Chris Mackey

Why did it take this much?  I pushed and pushed God until he had no choice.
I unknowingly begged for brokeness.  He has left me nothing but Him.  There are no constants.
 Nothing is literal.  Faiths are not real. Faith requires constants.  Nothing can be held close.
 Everything must go.  Take it all away.  What's left?  I have God.  
God is steady.
He isn't running.  He isn't confused.  His calm hand breaks me into nothing.  
As I lay here in pieces of death, my emotions mean nothing.  
I can not run and search for answers.  Searching would be in vain.  
I look up out of this pit of rejection and betrayal and find everything I'm looking for.  
Crawling to my feet, I beg for another chance to fail.  
I beg to crawl back up the mountain to fall on my face again.
 I will be back here in my pit.  But, God, the highs are worth it.

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room