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4th Hour Realizations

What if it all changes?
I wake up tomorrow and nothings the same
I would have no routine
Would I lose my security,
Or gain freedom?
I say I'm bored with life now
But now that it all could change,
I like where I'm at
I look around and see how comfortable we get
That's why we get so bored
We take it for granted that we have the opportunity to make life exciting
We sit back hoping that someone will feed us some excitement
If life sucks, it's because I suck
If I'm bored, then I'm boring
If I would obey God I know I would be fulfilled
And I've got nothing to lose, in a few months I'll be gone
I might never see any of these people again
I'm so scared to change,
Yet so unwilling to stay the same
I fear what I don't know
But I'm bored with the things I do know
Craving more, wanting less
Unsatisfied till the end

(c) 2001 The Breaking Room